Network Infrastructure

As the foundation of any IT communication network, a robust network infrastructure is critical to help deliver the services and applications used by the end-user. As the convergence of data, voice, and video becomes more and more prevalent a supporting network infrastructure must be in place to interconnect the servers and systems which provide the mission critical services the users need. An infrastructure that can provide resiliency, redundancy, scalability in a secure and manageable manner is fundamental.

Our expertise and experience in the following areas provide our customers everything they need to incorporate a solid network infrastructure in their environments:

  • Local-Area Networks and LAN switching
  • Wireless LAN
  • Wide-Area Networks
  • Internet Protocols
  • Routing Protocols
  • Route Manipulation
  • Multicast
  • Traffic Management (Quality of Service)
  • Satellite Diversity
  • WAN Acceleration
  • Load Balancing

Our Network Infrastructure Projects include:

Secure Internal Wireless Infrastructure (SIWI) Services

Xpect Solutions is leading the Secure Internal Wireless Infrastructure (SIWI) project for a federal government client at several of their geographical locations. Through our transformational initiative, we assessed and implemented a secure and hardened wireless environment within the their controlled spaces using the latest cutting edge wireless technology (802.11), moving their user community off the wired desktop and onto a mobile-device-as-desktop platform. The project also includes implementing an RFID inventory tracking system which will provide automated, remote asset scanning and real-time tracking of inventory.

US Marshals Wireless LAN Hub

Xpect Solutions designed, tested, and deployed the USMS wireless network at their headquarters building in Arlington, VA. Our engineers designed a wireless environment that provides an extension of the traditional cabled network for mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and phones, with secure guest access. Our solution includes an environment, which supports device and certificate-based user and device authentication and an infrastructure managed and monitored by the latest Cisco technology. Our solution enables real time alerting and authentication with credentials tied, where applicable, to Active Directory accounts, for flexibility and ease of use for the USMS administrators.

Wireless Local Area Network Implementation (WLAN)

The WLAN project will augment our Federal Government client’s existing network connectivity by providing a centrally managed, highly secure enterprise wireless infrastructure that will allow the client to serve guest clients and enterprise users through logical separation. This extension to the wired network will support the growing demand from mobile devices that are dependent on wireless 802.11a\n connectivity. Xpect’s engineers served the client with advisory support in building technical requirements and identifying technologies to meet those requirements, as well as wireless network planning and designs. Our team also provided technical oversight and coordination for the implementation of the wireless network for the nationwide deployment at the client’s headquarters, field offices, and data centers.

WAN Accelerator Program

Xpect Solutions provided its extensive knowledge of WAN acceleration in support of this major deployment within the customer's infrastructure. Xpect took the lead in evaluating, designing, and implementing a 600 plus site deployment of WAN accelerators within the customer's environment. Based on the reputation Xpect built from its implementation of WAN accelerators in the customer's environment; vendors such as Juniper and Cisco have requested our support and expertise helping other government agencies in evaluating and selecting WAN accelerators. Xpect has provided consulting services to DOJ JUTNet team, DHS, US Army, and the FBI Terrorist Screening Center, and has resulted in several of these agencies using our recommendations while selecting a WAN accelerator solution.

MATRIX (Mobile Access Tactical Remote Information eXchange)

Xpect provided network engineering to build the network infrastructure and assemble the core network equipment required to support remote devices on the Secure Mobility project for a Federal Government client. Xpect’s engineers designed, tested, and deployed a secure, mobile environment; this environment provides field agents remote access to the secure classified network, using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and Type 1 encryption devices. Our staff was part of a core team that was responsible for ensuring all network equipment that had been deployed met the engineering configuration specifications and followed the base templates that had been established.

Next Generation Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (NGS)

Xpect’s network engineering team led the Top Secret (TS) network infrastructure design for a Federal Government customer, which provided its stakeholders and users a vastly improved network allowing for greater collaboration, user productivity, and a foundation built for the next generation of workstations. Xpect engineers designed, tested, and deployed NGS as well as managing the overall technical direction of the project. Leveraging Xpect's expertise of TCP/IP, ATM, MPLS networking technologies, and the full suite of Cisco products and services such as Cisco routers and switches, the NGS engineering team designed a new environment to enable a consolidated network providing increased performance, Voice and Video capabilities, and a simplified yet robust infrastructure.

As part of the NGS upgrade, a new datacenter design was developed and the old network’s systems and applications were transitioned to the new datacenter. Xpect designed the new datacenter network leveraging the latest technology including the new Cisco Nexus line and 6500 VSS switches, F5 load balancers and Type1 Encryptors. This design was also adopted for this agency’s two other major networks.

Next Generation Network (NGN)

Xpect Solutions led the NGN engineering team in establishing the network infrastructure design that provided our Federal Government customer’s stakeholders and users a vastly improved network allowing for greater collaboration, user productivity, and a foundation built for its Network Generation Workspace. Xpect was integral in the design, testing, and deployment of NGN. Leveraging Xpect's expertise of TCP/IP, ATM, MPLS networking technologies, and the full suite of Cisco products and services such as Cisco routers and switches, the NGN engineering team designed a new environment that established a consolidated network providing increased performance, Voice and Video capabilities, and a simplified yet robust infrastructure.

Litigation Support Network Support

Our engineers redesigned the Litigation Support (LTSC) network and greatly enhanced their ability to provide high-speed services to users in the field. While installing a 10-gig solution at the NOC for a VDI / SQL rollout of the LAW virtual application, Xpect’s engineers were able to collapse the LTSC network and make it more robust; we also eliminated spanning tree problems in the architecture, and effectively doubled their throughput with some VPC configurations. This new solution addressed a need for computing power and storage for case document and litigation processing, analysis, review and production.

IT Support Services

Xpect Solutions maintains the operational integrity of a multiple-network environment and performs all aspects of network administration. Our engineers build networks that are highly redundant, scalable, and secure. We leverage routing protocols and redundant routers and switches to provide a network that self-heals and continues to operate when failures occur (i.e., hardware failures, circuit outages, power outages). We also perform regular preventative maintenance and perform required upgrades. Our team monitors network device status, enables continued operation of those devices, and revises or rebuilds device configuration. We collect information on the component health through our knowledge and experience implementing Cisco Prime, Net Flow, and other Cisco tools and best-practices. We also provide Help Desk services supporting our customer’s primary network. We develop custom applications and enhancements utilizing JAVA, .Net, and other languages.

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