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Xpect is a dynamic, passionate systems integrator, providing our customers with innovative, leading edge IT and physical security solutions. Our agile, highly competent team delivers diverse hardware and software solutions and resources to the Federal Government, as well as numerous commercial customers.

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The X-Factor

At the heart of any organization is reliable, fast, and well-protected infrastructure. As the demand for access to data and more secure environments grow, the expertise to design, deploy, and protect these complex security systems becomes more critical.

Xpect Solutions will design, build, implement, and maintain next generation networks that are the foundation in delivering premier IT. We will also install the physical security systems that ensure the personnel and facilities operating and supporting these networks are protected. As our customer needs change and grow, we are dedicated to evolving with and for our customers.

Network Infrastructure

Wouldn’t it be nice if bandwidth was unlimited, latency was zero, and network equipment never broke!

Unfortunately cost and the law of physics aren’t on our side when it comes to this; which forces us to build complex network infrastructures to provide environments that are efficient, resilient, and stable.

Xpect Solutions has the experience and expertise with routing protocols, route manipulation, switching, WAN acceleration, and traffic management to help construct and manage networks that can provide the IT services you need for your important mission.

Physical Security

Protecting critical resources and equipment is the key component of an effective physical security program. Tracking the physical locations and movement of assets, resources, and data ensures that information remains secure and personnel are safe from known and unknown threats. Securing the data in place is not enough. Stringent access control must be established, monitored, and maintained while still allowing for rapid flow of communication and easy entry/exit to physical and virtual locations.

Server & Systems

Part of any infrastructure is the servers that provide the services and applications used by the enterprise users. Core services such as email, file/printer, and directory services are essential to any enterprise environment. Additional services such as SharePoint, OCS/Lync help to improve collaboration and productivity. Xpect Solutions has helped our clients implement and maintain the servers and applications required to provide these services. Our expertise in virtualization has also helped our clients consolidate their environments reducing overall cost while still providing the performance and stability required to maintain the mission of our customers.

Network Management & Automation

The worse thing an enterprise can do is wait for a user to call the help desk and state that the network is down. Not only does this extend outages but it leaves a sour taste with the users. Xpect Solutions professional services have helped our clients move from a reactive approach to a proactive management model; reducing downtime and improving user experience. Leveraging the latest monitoring and automation tools Xpect can help isolate and even predict when network outages occur. Our operations and management experience can help effectively maintain and monitor small and large IT environments, while our engineering services can help design, implement, and deploy the proper network management tools to monitor, model, and even automate solutions improving network performance and uptime.

Network Security

As the world becomes more wired the capability of unauthorized access increases exponentially. Compromise to any business sensitive information can result in economic loss and can also result in loss of customer confidence. For our government clients a data breach can result in access to personnel information of US citizens and potential threat to national security. Our highly trained professional services with expertise in the latest security products ensure timely and cost-effective network security solutions for our client's most critical security needs. Our technological capabilities aid in building a solid foundation for comprehensive Security Practices.

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